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Hello, I am Priyank Kothari, E&TC –  BTech engineer. I started Padmavati marketing company in 2007. We had a manufacturing plant in Udhna and then slowly and steadily we grew. In 2007 we started Padmavathi engineers.

At Padmavathi engineers our main products are the spare parts of circular looms and its complete range. We also manufacture the spare parts for lamination plants. We also manufacture customise parts for L&T and reliance.

In the manufacturing facility we have CNC machine, injection moulding machine, banding machine, power press and many small equipments like grinding machine and vertical induction moulding.

Our factory is located in Sachin industrial area and spread across 20,000 sq.ft of area. We supply spare parts in India and overseas such as East Africa ( Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania)and  Kazakhstan uzbekistan in Russia and as well as Sri Lanka

 20% as export and 80% is domestic contibutes to our yearly sell. Also we have skilled labourers and operators and good dispatch teams, accounts, RND, experienced assembly and marketing team 

Our USP is during emergency order we carry out those the same day or the next day delivery. We have a proper tie-up with couriers and transport companies in regional basis so that our deliveries are prompt and secured. We provide quality part so there is no problem in production line.